Early Modern Books

Biscuit (cookie) flavour: Orange, cardamom, and vanilla

Decoration: Royal icing base. Some designs painted by hand with gel food colourings, edible lustres, and vodka. Others piped in royal icing.

Context: Inspired by early modern books in the collections of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT) and the Folger Shakespeare Library, including: the Folger First Folio 16, the Folger First Folio 77, a 1629 embroidered bible (SBT), 1548 Hall’s Chronicle (SBT), 1648 Poems of Mr. John Milton (Folger), the frontispiece to 1619 The Maid’s Tragedy by Beaumont and Fletcher (Folger), and annotations by Gabriel Harvey in ca.1580-1608 Facetie, motti, et burle di diversi signori et persone private and Detti, et fatti piacevoli et gravi, di diversi principi filosofi, et cortigiani (Folger).