Huntley & Palmers

Biscuit (cookie) flavour: Vanilla

Decoration: Royal icing base. Both designs painted onto royal icing using food colouring gels and lemon juice.

Context: Inspired by 1920s biscuit tin designs from world-famous biscuit company Huntley & Palmers.

These biscuits were created as part of a programme of events and activities celebrating 200 years of biscuit heritage in the town of Reading. Visit this page to find out more about the Biscuit Town: 200 Years of Huntley & Palmers in Reading exhibition at The MERL. You can also see Huntley & Palmers biscuit tins on display at Reading Museum.

The biscuit base for these designs (and all the biscuits used in the related practical workshops) were supplied by WookieCookie.