Crawford Art Gallery: Meat and Potatoes

Biscuit (cookie) flavour: Orange, cardamom & vanilla

Decoration: Royal icing base. All designs painted onto royal icing by hand using food colouring gels and vodka.

Context: Created in-situ during a 3-day residency at Crawford Art Gallery as part of an exhibition titled Meat and Potatoes. Each biscuit is inspired by an artwork featuring in the exhibition. Moving clockwise from the top left, the artworks include:

Eggs in a Basket (c.1959), by Anne Yeats

The Breadline 1916 (c.1950), by Muriel Brandt

Soup Boy (1995), by Alfred Berdiner

The Goose Girl (1888), Edith Anna Œnone Somerville

Still Life (c.1950), by Gerard Dillon

Tommy Sutton Getting in the Spuds in the Snow (1965), by Camille Souter

The biscuits are now on display at Crawford Art Gallery as part of the Meat and Potatoes exhibition (running from 16 July until 6 November 2022).